Windows Kernel Book List

     Besides the Microsoft DDK docs which have become much better in the last couple of years.

1. <Windows NT Device Driver Development>

by Peter Viscarola, W. Anthony Mason
New Riders Publishing; ISBN: 1578700582

中译本 <<实用技术: Windows NT与Windows 2000 设备驱动及开发>>
电子工业出版社 新智工作室译 ¥60.00

This is the book I refer to the most besides the DDK, this has some of the
most detailed technical knowledge on driver. Note I am friends with Peter and Tony (they are the owners of OSR), and have taken their classes.

2.<Developing Windows NT Device Drivers: A Programmer's Handbook>
by Edward N. Dekker, Joseph M. Newcomer
Addison-Wesley Pub Co; ISBN: 0201695901

中译本 <<Windows NT设备驱动程序设计指南>>
机械工业出版社 科欣翻译组译 ¥45.00

Ed and Joe are friends of mine (I was a reviewer of the book). This is one
of the best books on drivers, but not the one I refer to often, since it uses a
peel the onion approach, i.e. come in at a high level, then a few chapters later, go in a medium level, then finally come in for the details.

3. <Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model>
by Walter Oney
Microsoft Press; ISBN: 0735605882

中译本 <<

This is the best book as far as Plug and Play and the WDM subset (Microsoft is
pushing people towards the subset where possible).

4. <Windows 2000 Device Driver Book, The: A Guide for Programmers>
by Jerry Lozano (Editor), Art Baker
Prentice Hall PTR; ISBN: 0130204315

This is probably the easiest to read of all the device driver books, there
are some technical mistakes and does not have the depth of the above books, but it is
a good overview.

5. <Writing Windows Wdm Device Drivers : Covers Nt4, Win98, and Win2000>
by Chris Cant
CMP Books; ISBN: 0879305657

This book has been described as one of the worst wastes of paper ever done.
I believe the reviewer was being way to kind, I found an average of 2 major
technical errors per page.

6. <Inside Microsoft Windows 2000 (Microsoft Programming Series)>
by David A. Solomon, Mark Russinovich
Microsoft Press; ISBN: 0735610215

中译本 <<Windows 2000内部揭密>>3e <<Windows NT技术内幕>>2e

This is the reference for overall operation of Windows, while it won't help
you program directly, it will give you a great set of information on how the
system is put together.

7. <Windows NT/2000 Native API Reference>
by Gary Nebbett
New Riders Publishing; ISBN: 1578701996

中译本 <<Windows NT/2000 本机API参考手册>>
机械工业出版社 齐舒创作室译 ¥49.00 

This is the reference for using writing native Windows 2000 programs. Note, the windows API documented by Microsoft is not what trapped into the kernel, and many of these calls are available in drivers. Warning, most of these calls are undocumented and unsupported by Microsoft.

8. <Undocumented Windows NT>
by Prasad Dabak, Sandeep Phadke, Milind Borate
Hungry Minds, Inc; ISBN: 0764545698

This book is no where near as good as the Nebbett book.

9. <Undocumented Windows 2000 Secrets: A Programmer's Cookbook>
by Sven B. Schreiber
Addison-Wesley Pub Co; ISBN: 0201721872

This is the worst of the three books on this subject, much of it is straight
from Intel hardware documentation, or is wrong.

10. <Windows NT File System Internals : A Developer's Guide>
by Rajeev Nagar O'Reilly & Associates; ISBN: 1565922492

This is the only book that covers file systems, unfortunately it is based on
NT 3.51 and NT 4.0 so is somewhat out of date.

11. <Windows 2000 Kernel Debugging>
by Steven McDowell
Prentice Hall PTR; ISBN: 0130406376

This is an ok book on kernel debugging, it's major downfall is it was written just before Microsoft did a major upgrade of the kernel debugger.

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